The wiser path to schedule parent-teacher conferences

    It can take many weeks to create a, accurate parent-teacher conference schedule.
    But time is limited. Resources are limited. And demands of the average school week generate enough stress already.
    Schedulers must send home letters, forms, reminders, then circle back to solve all the schedule conflicts. A logistical headache.
    With PTC Wizard's reliable and user-friendly scheduling system, teachers and parents easily schedule conferences on their own without help from administration. Conference scheduling will never be the same. So don’t be taken in by imitators. Trust the original PTCwizard to streamline your schedules.

    The academic success of a child can depend on active adult engagement. Extensive research shows students achieve more with involved parents. Parental engagement stimulates a positive attitude in children toward lifelong learning.
    At the same time, the requirement of parent-teacher conferences pushes busy parents into the logistical challenge of scheduling.
    PTCwizard solves the issue. With full visibility on available meeting slots, scheduling with teachers and teams becomes a simple task for parents. What’s more, embedded security means scheduling errors no longer create conflict schedules. Even if parents have one or more child in school, PTC wizard's compact styling and robust capability fosters welcomed engagement.

    Teachers want to know their students’ parents and encourage their full involvement. Those semi-annual conferences offer some of the best ways for teachers to engage and encourage deeper student education.
    By simplifying the complex, PTCwizard succeeds in giving back to teachers their time and peace of mind. Admin staff can set the opening dates, parents can schedule their own conference, and teachers do not have to carry the logistical burden.
    With simple management of conferences, teachers can focus on their true passion—to educate students and collaborate with parents.

Parents can easily make appointments with teachers online with this real-time scheduling app.

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