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Easy school scheduling at all levels.


For Administrators

Easily set parent teacher conference dates and times, specify teacher schedules and location as well as block out specified time slots.


For Teachers

Teachers can view real-time changes to their personal schedule as well as other intuitive management features.


For Parents

With full visibility of all available meeting times for teachers and teams, scheduling convenient times becomes a breeze for parents.


For Teams

Team synchronization allows parents to meet with groups of teachers simultaneously without having to worry about conflicting appointments.

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I am spreading the word to other school districts. They can't afford not to have PTC Wizard! It pays for itself in time, postage and paper.

Stowe School District

PTC Wizard fits our needs perfectly - the program design makes it quick to implement and easy to use. It truly is a time saver!

Geneva CUSD 304

PTC Wizard was instrumental in increasing the number of Parent-Teacher Conferences we had.

Indian Prairie School District 204

We received 100% positive feedback from both parents and teachers. Our conference night was an absolute success.


From the administrative side to parent registration, PTC Wizard enabled our parent community to set up online parent/teacher conferences with ease.

Glenbard Township

We have greatly reduced the administrative and staff workload by using PTC Wizard.

Gilman School

Using PTC Wizard ensures that scheduling errors and meeting conflicts never happen.

Sinai Akiba


Successful School Installations


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Simultaneous Users Supported

The wiser path to schedule parent-teacher conferences.

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Save Time, Budgets, and Stress

It can take many weeks to create an accurate parent-teacher conference schedule. But time and resources are limited, and demands of the average school week generate enough stress already.

Schedulers must send home letters, forms, reminders, then circle back to solve all the schedule conflicts. It's a logistical headache.

With PTC Wizard's reliable and user-friendly scheduling system, teachers and parents easily schedule conferences on their own without help from administration. Conference scheduling will never be the same.


Increase Parent Engagement

The academic success of a child can depend on active adult engagement. Extensive research shows students achieve more with involved parents. Parental engagement stimulates a positive attitude in children toward lifelong learning.

At the same time, the requirement of parent-teacher conferences pushes busy parents into the logistical challenge of scheduling.

PTC Wizard solves the issue. With full visibility on available meeting slots, scheduling with teachers and teams becomes a simple task for parents. What's more, embedded security means scheduling errors no longer create conflict schedules. Even if parents have one or more child in school, PTC Wizard's compact styling and robust capability fosters welcomed engagement.

Photo of Parent Engagement
Photo of teacher freedom

Give Teachers More Freedom

Teachers want to know their students' parents and encourage their full involvement. Those semi-annual conferences offer some of the best ways for teachers to engage and encourage deeper student education.

By simplifying the complex, PTCwizard succeeds in giving back to teachers their time and peace of mind. Admin staff can set the opening dates, parents can schedule their own conference, and teachers do not have to carry the logistical burden.

With simple management of conferences, teachers can focus on their true passion—to educate students and collaborate with parents.


Feature-Rich Online Scheduler

Easy-to-use online scheduling system for conferences and meetings

Easy to use, Efficient, and Effective

  • Latest in cloud technologies for maximum performance and scalability
  • Full control of multi-day conferences for greater flexibility scheduling
  • Team scheduling empowers parents to schedule with each teacher or team
  • Synchronization eliminates conflict with parents/teachers/across schools
  • Full integration with SIS, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Zoom
  • Single sign on with Google and other systems available

For School Administrators

  • You can effortlessly create conference dates and assigned rooms
  • Add teachers, teams, their availability, and class descriptions
  • View, print and batch schedules for any parent or teacher
  • Change schedules to block out desired time slots and define intervals
  • Download all schedule data to Excel for advanced charting
  • Analyze specific and overall conference performance with key statistics

For Teachers/Teams

  • You can quickly, accurately view real-time changes to personal schedule
  • Print out schedules directly from your account
  • Manage your available schedule times and create your own breaks
  • Gain full schedule visibility, even across school accounts in the same district
  • Synchronized scheduling eliminates conflicts for team-held or student-held conferences

For Parents

  • You can rapidly access your PTCwizard tool at any time for instant scheduling
  • Full visibility of available meetings enables more convenient scheduling
  • Schedule syncing guarantees parents avoid meeting conflicts with different teachers
  • Full parental support by PTC wizard even in absence of computers or the Internet

Affordable pricing with unlimited support


1 month FREE Trial

  • Unlimited school-wide events
  • Unlimited teachers/teams with calendar synchronization
  • School-wide or District-wide implementation
  • Free SIS integration including Single-Sign On
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Zoom Video Conferencing Integration
  • Unlimited support
  • Unlimited parent-teacher conferences

*Certain minimums apply


PTC Wizard works with leading software vendors to expand the reach of our scheduling system. Let's have a conversation soon about opportunities to partner.


Integrate with your Student Information System and more

Integrate your data so that your parents can easily schedule meetings with the teachers they need to see. We also have Single Sign-On capabilities to streamline the process even more.

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